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    Introduction to ShanDong Haoxing Foods Co.,Ltd.

     ShanDong Haoxing Foods Co.,Ltd., founded in 2015, is a modernized company specializing in aquatic products processing and export. The scopes of business are: export of aquatic products processing, sales of aquatic products and import and export of goods and technology. The major export products include: a series of frozen products such as frozen squid body, frozen squid roll, frozen squid flower, frozen squid strip, frozen short and thick squid piece, frozen squid feet and frozen prepared squid strip; a series of dried products such as shredded smoked squid, smoked short and thick squid piece, shredded white squid, shredded orange-red squid, shredded squid wing, squid teppanyaki, baked squid strip, baked squid strip coated with flour, sauce-flavor squid cartilage, smoked seasoned squid stretched piece, hung-dried squid body and the dried squid body strip. Products sold in domestic market include sea cucumber, prawn, lobster, shrimp meat, shredded squid, and squid skewer as well as all kinds of fish products, etc. The products are sold in many distant countries and regions such as Japan, Russia, the United States and Canada, etc., and we have established stable and friendly relations of cooperation with many domestic and foreign clients and merchants.

      The company is located in Qingyang Industrial Park at Fushan District of Yantai city, Shandong Province with abundant marine resources, convenient transportation and beautiful scenery. It covers an area of about 15000 square meters, construction area of about 13500 square meters, having the refrigerated storage house with a capacity of 5000 tons, quick-freezing and cold storage and other advanced facilities, as well as well-equipped production processing workshop. The company has established and perfected an excellent quality assurance system.

      The Company aims at the Japanese market which is the most demanding market in the aquatic products industry around the world. The raw materials used in our production processing are all wild, sea caught, non-farmed and additive free. All finished products are sold to Japan, North America and the domestic high-end brand restaurant chains. Now the factory is committed to registering the products in EU, Russia, Brazil and other countries and the products will be sold in five continents in the near future. Since its inception, always taking the quality as the life, the company has won widespread praises from its clients. There has been a popular saying in the industry that “best products are exported to Japan, the better products are exported to Europe and the United States, and the third-class products are sold in domestic market”. Now we are intended to correct this misconception and reverse this misunderstanding by launching the high-quality products which are exported to Japan to the domestic market to make Chinese people eat aquatic products with high quality.

      The enterprise culture of our company can be summarized in sixteen characters which are: “Innovation and Progress, Pursuit of Excellence, Collaboration and Tolerance, Gratitude and Cherishment”. Since the foundation of the company, always adhering to take the faith of “while pursuing employees’ happiness both in body and mind, contributing to social progress and development” as the management idea and paying attention to “people-oriented”, we strive for the survival by the quality and win the market by the brand. Now there are more than 460 employees and 62 managerial staffs in our company among which includes 12 postgraduates, 35 undergraduates and 15 junior college students, and there is a high-quality management team integrating management, research and development, technical inspection and marketing, with many years of management experience in the same industry. The company sincerely welcomes people with lofty ideals at home and abroad to come to discuss cooperation, and join hands in creating a brilliant tomorrow.

      The development goals of the “three steps” in our company are: rank to the middle among the enterprises in Yantai within three years, and become nationally known within six years and become a listed company within ten years. In the fierce market competition, always being market-oriented and adhering to the marketing strategy of “no wrong customers, only poor products”, the company takes the quality as the life, relies on technological innovation, and continuously expand the market both at home and abroad in accordance with the development needs of the market. It has achieved good economic efficiency and continuous extension of business scale by adhering to the management concept of “realize the complementation of each other’s advantages by import and export trade and domestic trade and expand the market in an all-round way”.